Professional Auto Window Tinting Installation


Don’t Opt for Anything Less than Expert Window Tinting on Your Vehicle

If you’ve seen exceptional work done on a car, it’s likely been done by a professional. A vehicle wrap, a great custom sound system, lighting, wheels and tires, or any of the stand-out elements on a stylish car are usually not DIYed using a YouTube video. These drivers left their aftermarket upgrades to a professional, and the same should go for window tinting.

Window tinting, of course, is the process of carefully applying laminate to the windows of a vehicle to darken them. Some people do this to block UV light from damaging the interior of the car, and others opt for window tinting for a bit more privacy on the road. Still more choose this upgrade because it looks good: it is, of course, one of the hallmarks of driving a stand-out vehicle. 

With Great Demand for Window Tinting Comes … A Whole Lot of Fails

Because window tinting is both practical as well as stylish, there’s great demand for this kind of upgrade. However, with great demand for window tinting installation comes a high number of auto companies that will botch the job due to lack of experience, and, even worse, a surge of online content claiming you can do this on your own. We know it’s a cliche, but please don’t try this at home.

Window Tinting Errors

Have you ever seen a window tinting fail online? We promise, you won’t be disappointed. One of the most obvious indicators that window tinting has failed is when the laminate begins to bubble. 

Perhaps you’ve even seen this on cars yourself. Bubbles form in the places where the laminate is not flush against the glass, which is a hallmark of a poor install as well as the use of cheap material. The sun also does its damage as well, and cheap material can’t take the heat, weakening in certain places when the sun beats down.

Cheap Material and Poor Workmanship Are the Problems

The cheap material won’t seal against the glass as well as a name brand, quality laminate used by professionals, so you’ll end up being able to tell the difference quickly between a cheap install and one done by auto professionals who are trained for this kind of upgrade. 

Just as you can hear the difference between an excellent sound system on the road, and one that is distorted and peaking, you can literally see the difference between a pro window tint job and one that’s subpar. 

When you want to be the one on the road with a vehicle that is sleek in all ways while providing the practical reasons for window tinting, you have to go pro. 

What Professionals Do Differently

If you’re in the market for a window tinting install in the first place, it’s probably because you’ve seen a superior job somewhere on the road. Most of our ideas for our vehicles come from things we see, and we think to ourselves, “I need to get that.” Or, in other cases, you might think, “I can get something way better than that for my own car.” 

Whatever your motivation, if you want to distinguish your vehicle from the rest – and be just like, or better than, the great cars you’ve seen on the road – you’ll need some professional help.

High-Quality Material Makes the Difference

A professional install for window tinting starts with the material, as we mentioned above. Look for an auto company that uses materials from industry leaders. You’ll likely end up hearing the name 3M at an auto install company worth its salt, as 3M has offered durable technology for a variety of industries throughout its long career as an American business.

Professional Training is the Key

On the other hand, anyone can buy their own window tinting material, so the other half of the battle is making sure that someone with training, expertise, and a lot of experience under their belt is doing your install.

A professional installation includes superior materials, precise measurements, and a careful, experienced hand. An expert has likely installed tint on your make and model before, and – because of the experience they bring to the job – the process when done by a professional is seamless, smooth, and exact. 

Here’s a place where watching a video could be useful: check out a professional installing window tint. It is a work of craftsmanship and art in motion. 

Don’t Forget the Customer Service

A professional is also going to be able to offer you a free estimate and get things done for you on your busy schedule so you’re not stuck on the weekends trying to do an installation in your driveway. At an auto company, there’s always the possibility of a deal or a guarantee on the service or materials. Being your own boss is great, but when you’re your own window tinting installer, the only customer service you’re going to get is from yourself. 

Remember that DIY Has Its Risks

Keep all of the above factors in mind when you’re thinking of window tinting installation. You wouldn’t trust a mechanic who doesn’t use industry-grade materials, and you’d be shocked if you caught them watching a video to learn how to do service on your car. 

The same applies to aftermarket exterior upgrades, and maybe even more so, because this is the first impression your car gets a chance to make when you’re out there on the road.


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