Is It Really Easy To Install A Video Doorbell All By Yourself?

Is It Really Easy To Install A Video Doorbell All By Yourself

You’ll see that life becomes a little less complicated when you start using smart devices within your home. The convenience that they bring is the kind you never knew you needed, and it’s not only that they’re great for automating things around the house, but certain devices are good for energy conservation purposes and as home security alternatives for your residence. 

Now if you’re looking to make your home smart, we would suggest that maybe begin by installing a Smart Video Doorbell because starting small is always a good idea. The Ring Doorbell is one of the most popular smart video doorbells across the United States. Imaging not missing a single Amazon package of yours or whoever stopped by, just because you were away from home. Well, that’s possible with the Ring Video Doorbell. 

All the Variants of the Ring Video Doorbell 

Ring Video Doorbells are available in many variants. They have wired ones and then wireless ones too (battery operated) with varying prices starting at $99.99, but the features remain the same. Here’s what your options are.

Battery Operated Ring Video Doorbells
Video Doorbell 3
Video Doorbell 4
Video Doorbell (2nd Generation)
Wired Ring Video Doorbells
Video Doorbell Wired
Video Doorbell Pro 2
Video Doorbell Pro
Video Doorbell Elite

Common Features of the Ring Video Doorbell 

The thing about the Ring Video Doorbell that it has in common with pretty much all smart devices is that the device features its own mobile application that allows homeowners to access and answer the doorbell from their phones – even while they’re away! To be more specific, it means you could be at the grocery store or you could be in another city – and when the doorbell rings you can still answer. 

Now here’s the thing. With the Ring Doorbell mobile application homeowners not only answer the door, but they can see whose outside too as the device features a built in camera, speakers and a microphone. So how does the device work? Well, it detects motion when anybody approaches near the device, and then it sends instant notifications to the connected phone, tablet or even laptop. When you answer, you can see and converse with whoever is at the door. 

If you were to subscribe to Ring Protect for an additional $3.99 monthly (per device), then here are some of the features you can unlock. 

  • You can record the video footage of the Ring Video Doorbell to watch later. The camera can sub as a great substitute of surveillance cameras if you don’t already have those.
  • Instant notifications can be adjusted to specific people. 
  • Get a photo preview with notifications too see what’s going on at the front door. 

How to Install the Ring Video Doorbell 

Video Doorbell installation can be done by yourselves, especially with battery operated ones because no wiring is involved. But if you were wondering how to install ring doorbell (wired version), then this is a step by step breakdown of a general way by which you can do that. 

  1. Switch off the power supply from the main circuit breaker, to the outlet where you would be installing the Ring Video Doorbell. 
  2. Install the mounting plate of the Ring Video Doorbell. If there is already one in place then remove the existing plate because each device requires a different type. 
  3. Once the mounting plate is in, gently take out the wiring from the opening of the plate so that it’s easier to connect to the device. 
  4. Connect the wiring to the right ports on the device. Check the manual to see exactly which wire goes where. 
  5. When the wires have been connected, power on the Ring Video Doorbell and place it into the mounting plate. 
  6. Switch the power back on from the main circuit breaker. Open the Ring Video Doorbell’s mobile application to configure the device. 

These are merely some general steps that you could follow in order to install the Ring Video Doorbell by yourselves. Please refer to the instruction manual that comes with the device for a proper installation method. 

How the Ring Doorbell Will Be a Game Changer 

As we already mentioned above, all smart devices bring about a sense of convenience you didn’t know was missing in your life. With the Ring Video Doorbell, you won’t ever have to miss out on anybody showing up at your door. And the device can also sub as a surveillance cam for the front door – especially with the features unlocked when you subscribe to Ring Protect subscription. 

When it comes to installation however, should you require any professional assistance especially with the wired variants of the Ring Video Doorbell, head on over to and get an appointment with a professional staff to have the device installed in your home. 


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