How to Give Compliments Online


Everyone knows that women get turned on by what they hear, and you should know that good unique compliments always work both in real life and on the Web!

Believe us, it doesn’t really matter if you are going to chat with Russian women, want to have a date with a Japanese girl online, or win the heart of a hot Latina lady right from your home in Los Angeles: complimenting a girl is the best way to express your sincere attitude towards her! You can dedicate a poem to her, compliment on her appearance or cheerful look, or simply surprise her by noticing some changes in her figure, hair color, or clothing style.

Now we will share with you some top working tips on how to compliment a girl online to win her over with a single phrase!

How to give perfect compliments online

  • Don’t try to give the coolest compliment right away! A girl will be able to appreciate it, but a lady is unlikely to understand it. Try to make an affectionate, pleasant, and personal complement that won’t sound like a statement of fact. This will be the best choice. Compare the color of her eyes with the vast expanse of the river, read a verse/line from a song, or tell her a joke to make her cry with laughter!
  • It is better to give compliments on her character traits and inner qualities. As for her appearance, try to be very delicate, for example: “You are very beautiful in this dress”.
  • Try to be as sincere and honest as possible; believe us — girls feel it (it is especially important if you are interested in— these ladies are quite perceptive)!
  • Compliments about the girl’s taste and preferences (for example: “You always dress so elegantly”) is a win-win option.
  • If she is proud of something, praise her! For example, if she reads a lot, then say something like: “You are so erudite”, after which you can discuss some book that you’ve both read.
  • Ambiguity is the main enemy of a good compliment, so try to avoid phrases like: “Hey, your dog is so cute, just like you”!
  • If you borrowed a phrase for a compliment from a book, try to concretize it as much as possible and apply it to this particular case – use the names, the situation, the environment, try to bring in your vision.
  • Speak simply and clearly, there’s no need to give her tips, just state the facts. Do not overpraise her and do not go too far — otherwise, you can ruin everything, and all the things you say will sound like flattery to her.
  • Keep in mind that emotional coloring (as well as your motivation) is extremely important when giving compliments. Try to select some of her features that you liked most and speak mainly about them.
  • If you express admiration for her behavioral or personality traits, then, after using some “pleasant” words, you should mention some things that helped you to make such a conclusion. For example: “Speaking with you is interesting and easy — you perfectly know how to keep the dialogue going”.
  • If you have a video chat with a girl, try using a special technique: slightly lower your chin to the chest while pronouncing the words. In this case, the air from the larynx will travel a greater distance and its speed will decrease, which will lower your tone. Believe us, all girls just love that!
  • If you see that she thoroughly prepared for the online date, then don’t forget to praise her efforts! Think about it: she was carefully choosing a dress, applying face and hair masks, making a hairdo, stunning makeup and a fashionable manicure — isn’t that enough for you to be excited?!


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