How to Clean Out a House Full of Junk


There are messy homes and then there are homes that are full of junk that a weekend cleaning is just not enough to remedy! Whether it is years’ worth of memories piled away in the basement or your vintage magazine collection which went a tad out of control, clutter has a sneaky way of multiplying without being noticed until it becomes apparent that your house needs a cleanout from the professionals! If the junk in your life is stealing your peace and comfort and making your home look like a storage unit, hiring a professional is the way to go about it! Are you looking for a reliable company that can help you get your home in order and get rid of all your junk? Classic Cleanouts is the name you need to know.

Listed below are some of the tips and tricks which can come in handy when it comes to cleaning out a house full of junk

Step 1: Plan

Planning is an integral part of getting rid of your junk. You can’t just get started with the cleaning process without prior planning. Proper planning ensures your entire cleanout process is simplified tenfold. If you want to clean more accurately and thoroughly, plan in advance the amount of time you can spare, the area you will cover, and the tasks that can wait for another time. Based on the intensity of your job and your energy level, it may not be realistic to handle all of the junk across your house at once. So plan on what you wish to undertake smartly.

Step 2: Remove the Garbage

When you are getting rid of the junk, a good place to start is with the garbage. Get rid of whatever you see in front of your eyes that isn’t useful or used often. Anything that is broken, outgrown, or not of any use to you ends up in the garbage bin. This can be emotionally daunting but also deeply cathartic. Be brutal and realistic with yourself while going through this step.

Step 3: Sort Through it All

After the garbage has been disposed of, you are left with “maybe” items and the items which you definitely need in your life. This is where you will go into the sorting step of the process. You have to make some hard decisions regarding your possessions on whether you want to donate or throw them away. Things you love are clearly kept, but there are certain items that are as good as new, which you may have received as gifts and have never used. You can put those things away to be donated or given away as gifts. Since those things are not serving you anymore, clearing them out can be a lovely opportunity for you to reflect on the past, recall happy memories, make peace with what has occurred, and then let go.

Step 4: Proper Storage

After sorting through everything, you can take your belongings to a storage facility or a donation center so that they can either be put away or given away to those in need. Post sorting, you will probably end up with several bags of items to be either stored away or donated. The important thing is to get them out of the house as soon as you can so that you are not tempted to sneak any of the items into your life again! Make as many visits as necessary to deliver the products to their final location. Second-guessing is inevitable, especially when it comes to things you care about. However, if you have a strong desire to get rid of the clutter, you should go with your gut.

Step 5: Organize

After you’ve gotten rid of all the useless stuff, you are left with the things that you want in your life. These are the things which are dear to you and you want to continue using, so treat them with love and keep them in an organized manner! Sort and organize the rest of your belongings before putting them away in their designated places. It can surely require a lot of time, energy, and perseverance, but slowly but surely you will be able to sort through all of your belongings and put them away in their respective places. 

Cleaning out the junk from your house can be quite an overwhelming ordeal, both physically and emotionally, but once done, the relief you feel is almost tangible! You feel lighter and clearer in your mind, and you will know that without realizing you have been holding on to those things and the emotions attached to them for a long time and it was finally time to bid them goodbye! Cleaning out the junk from a house is a huge task to undertake on your own and having professionals like Classic Cleanouts by your side can make the entire process much easier!


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