How Often should a Gas Heater be Serviced?


Many gas heater problems are mainly due to a lack of maintenance and servicing. Many people rarely think of servicing their gas appliances and only consider it when they start noticing problems or experience sudden breakdowns while using them. How often should you service your gas heater? Experts advise scheduling servicing at least once a year for optimal performance. An efficient servicing should include a thorough inspection and testing of all gas heater components such as carbon monoxide check, gas pressure, heat exchanger, fans, and burner. Since some of the problems can be hard to detect for a layperson, it’s always recommended to engage gas heating service experts for the job. 

Signs you May Need to Repair your Gas Heater

Your gas heater may need certain vital repairs at times, and putting off these repairs could lead to more complex and costly problems. The challenge is that detecting the issues may not always be straightforward, especially if the problem is at its onset. Knowing the general working mechanisms of your gas heater may come in handy in detecting subtle signs that it may need an urgent repair. Below is an overview of some common signs to watch out for.  

  • Your gas heater’s pilot lights may act abnormally, such as flickering often or burning in yellow, indicating oxygen deficiency. This could mean a ventilation problem due to clogged air intake valves. 
  • You’ve been detecting strange new noises that weren’t there before, such as popping or squealing. 
  • You’re detecting unusual smells within your indoor spaces when the gas heater is running. This could indicate gas leakages and should be reported promptly. 
  • You notice a sudden and unexpected spike in your utility bills. This is a common and clear sign your gas heater needs immediate servicing. 
  • The air quality in your home or business premise is deteriorating. This could mean the gas heater is not working as expected and is pushing in dust and other unwanted debris through the ventilation vents. 

Benefits of Servicing your Gas Heater Annually

Other than ensuring that your indoor spaces are kept warm during the winter, servicing your gas heater at least once a year comes with other benefits. They include; 

  • Mitigated Risks of Potential Gas Leaks 

Gas heaters emit carbon monoxide from gas combustion, which can be dangerous as the gas is invisible and odorless. Like any other devices, gas heaters are subject to wear and tear, and a lack of regular maintenance and servicing can increase the chances of gas leakages. Regular servicing will ensure the heater is in a perfect working condition, thereby not putting you or your family in harm’s way. An expert technician will ensure all components, from the pipes to the flue, comply with safety standards. A carbon monoxide detector can also be installed to ensure all-rounded protection. 

  • Aids in Lowering Energy Bills 

The overall efficiency of your gas heater is dependent on regular servicing to ensure no more than the required power is utilized. A major culprit responsible for increased energy consumption by your gas heater is filters clogged with dirt & dust. Clogged filters slow down the gas heater system, making it have to work harder during heating and hence extra power consumption. Such a simple task as cleaning your gas heater filters regularly will save you money and prevent unexpected breakdowns. 

  • Boosts your Heaters Lifespan 

Any device with various integrated components working in sync is bound to suffer the negative effects of wear and tear with time. A gas heater in perfect working condition will ensure each working component works seamlessly with the other as expected in its design. On the other hand, a poorly maintained gas heater will ultimately fall short of its expected lifespan as its components will constantly be under undue pressure and work almost twice as much. 

  • Maintains the Validity of your Warranty 

To avoid voiding your warranty, most gas heater manufacturers stress that users schedule servicing at least once annually. Maintaining the eligibility of your gas heaters warranty will save you money if a major and costly repair is needed. To be on the safe side, always ensuring you are cushioned in case of such an eventuality requires servicing and maintenance at least once a year. Always keep records of the servicing when they’re needed when claiming your precious warranty. 

The bottom line is that servicing and maintenance for your gas heater are critical if you’re keen on ensuring it serves you optimally for the longest period possible. Your service provider of choice should be licensed, experienced, and committed to providing a thorough checkup for the best results and to avoid potential dangers associated with gas heating appliances. 


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