Feel the Typical Indian Flair with Custom Clothing for Women


With a wide variety of women’s custom clothing, it is now easier to find the right outfit that suits your style and personality. So it’s not surprising that women in India are opting more and more for women’s custom clothing, especially women’s custom clothing online.

Services like women’s custom clothing online have become a way of life for many women in India. They can express their unique personalities with a unique outfit every day with online tailoring services. 

It is no secret that Indian women’s clothing has a distinctive flair. Women’s custom clothing online is reaching a new era with the help of bespoke tailoring. 

With the help of women’s custom clothing online, you can make your outfits as unique as you want them to be. There are endless possibilities for customising these clothes, from adding embroidery or lacework to changing the colour scheme or adding embellishments like sequins or pearls. Women’s custom clothing online can do it all!

Traditional Indian outfits are a must-have for every Indian woman. Online tailoring services can make you look high value with these outfits. Ethnic pieces are a big trend this season, and it is essential to pick up the right pieces to look your best. 

Here we share how to look stylish in the trend and make sure you don’t go wrong with your order from online tailoring services and add more glam to your outfits.

Be Selective

Bespoke tailoring is a surefire way to make your outfit stand out from the crowd and leave everyone smitten. However, not every women’s tailoring service can do this. Thus, you need to be careful with your choice when you go for bespoke tailoring or women’s tailoring services.

But how do you make sure that your outfit stands out? Suppose you like to experiment with colours or patterns and textures. In that case, you need to explore several women’s tailoring services until you find the one. 

You can go for Cloudtailor for your women’s tailoring services needs. They cater to every woman’s unique needs and wants.

Mind the Fabric

Sometimes, it takes just a suitable fabric to make a dress beautiful. Nothing can compete with a one-of-a-kind fabric. Making the fabric selection is one of the first things that can make or break your outfit when opting for women’s tailoring. So, if you choose wrongly, it will ruin the overall look of your outfit. 

So, you need to find the suitable fabric for your ethnic wear before you go for women’s custom clothing online services. To avoid being uncomfortable, it’s best to pick out the material for the season you’re in, or the season you intend to wear the outfit in.

Different fabrics are suitable depending on what kind of ethnic wear you’re going for. With online tailoring services, you have many options available for the fabric because you get to pick your fabric. Moreover, you can try a new and unique material to make a statement.

Consider Your Body Type

To make your bespoke tailoring a success, it’s essential to know your body type. It’s a crucial factor when it comes to women’s tailoring. The key to looking stunning is to buy a dress that compliments your body shape. 

Many people struggle to find the perfect dress that goes well with their body shape. The best way to avoid this is to stick to the style that flatters your body type. Indian traditional clothes made using women’s tailoring cater to various body shapes and sizes. For instance:

  1. Dark colours would be the most suitable for women having a heavy bust or broad waistline.
  2. For ladies who want to bring out their curves, dresses like Anarkali or shrug/jacket dresses will be more flattering.
  3. Pear-shaped body types can go for fabrics like georgette, crepe, polyester and styles like high-slit Kurtis, empire waistline, boat necklines, dark bottoms etc. 
  4. You can go for heavy embroidered tops/ cholis with saree, vertical prints, light colours, A-line dresses, or long-sleeved outfits for apple-shaped body types.
  5. For hourglass-shaped body type, you can go for kurtas with a belt, dhoti pants, palazzos, fit-n-flared outfits, sharara etc.

Explore Trends

Trends come and go, and we need to keep up with them if we want to follow in-style fashion. Therefore, it is essential to stay on top of the latest trends and what is popular in the market, as this will help you stand out. 

New and exciting fashion trends are always coming up online. You can get an idea of traditional textures, colours, styles, or fabric from any fashion website without leaving the house!

Let your inner style shine! Seek unique pieces to add a bright fashion flair to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Embracing your bespoke tailoring will increase the aesthetic and fashion statement you make. 

Furthermore, with women’s custom clothing online services, there are possibilities of getting custom made clothes shipped worldwide.

You can celebrate the diverse culture of India by going for bespoke tailoring from Cloudtailor from anywhere around the globe. They offer women’s custom clothing online services that cater to your need for custom clothes and help you set a style goal. 

With these online tailoring services, you can ensure your Indian attire is made to order. In addition, bespoke tailoring with Cloudtailor makes planning a little easier.


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