Everything You Have To Know About Waves Hair Extension


Good hair is undoubtedly one of the best accessories a woman can have and wearing hair extensions is the easy option for same. Hair extensions are great for a plethora of reasons, including enhancing beauty and confidence.

But here is a thing: there are so many different types of hair extensions out there that picking the right one is practically impossible. An easy solution to this is investing in timeless and classic hair extensions like the body wave hair extensions.

Body wave hair remains one of the most popular styles, as anybody who has scoured Instagram for extension inspiration can attest. It is eye-catching and suits almost all hair types. Body waves are adorable, adaptable, and generally a year-round staple, so it makes sense.

Despite body wave hair being an all-time favorite hair extension, there is still a lot to learn about this gorgeous hair texture. Below you will find everything you ever need to know about beach waves hair.

What exactly is body wave hair?

As the name implies, body wave hair has a distinct “S” pattern that imitates one’s curve body. It has soft, loose curls that are extremely adaptable for creating any hairstyle. It may be straightened to straight hair or curled to any other curly hair with ease and has a luxurious appearance and feel.

Body wave hair extensions are ideal for folks who like to switch up their looks effortlessly. Body wave is always popular with African Americans for this reason.

Why body wave hair is the go-to style for most women?

There are multiple reasons why so many people advocate body wave hair whenever human hair extensions are brought up.

Here are just a few of many reasons why body wave hair is a cult favorite.

  • Body wave hair does not require any particular care and is simple to maintain.
  • The body wave hair is well collected from top to bottom in the same direction, resulting in tangle-free and silky hair.
  • They are excellent for any hairstyle, including straightening, curly, deep curly, and other restyle patterns.
  • The Body wave hair has a natural wave, which is similar to the wave that many people strive to achieve with styling products.
  • Body Wave Wig has a youthful appearance. Something about body wave hair makes it appear carefree and effortless. Something about the thick texture and volume, the slight wildness, particularly when worn naturally, appeals to most women.

How to keep body wave hair extension looking great?

To make your money more worth it, you need to take good care of your body wave hair. Human body wave hair extensions are just like your own hair; it requires tender love and care. Let us break it down for you.

  • Regular washing is essential.

Wash your body wave hair using sulfate-free cleaning products. It will keep the hair extension looking fresh and increase longevity.

  • Use the right comb.

For daily care, use a wide-toothed comb and hair care essential oil. It keeps tangles at bay while evenly distributing the oil.

  • Avoid over-styling.

Over-styling using heat styling tools will make the highest-quality hair shed.

  • Detangling

Before going in with your comb, use your fingers to detangle the body wave hair. Always start from the end and work your way to the top. Starting from the roots will cause more knots to gather at the ends and cause breakage. Finish the detangling process by using a wide-tooth comb.

  • Washing

It’s good to wash your hair extensions regularly using sulfate-free cleansing products. Sulfate-free cleansing products are gentle on the hair.

  • Run the body wave hair under cold water to get it wet.
  • Apply shampoo and gently work it in the hair before rinsing it.
  • Go in with a deep conditioner in the hair and gently massage it in hair.
  • Give it a final wash and gently blot it dry using a microfiber towel before air-drying it.
  • The After Care

After the body wave hair is completely dry, apply essential hair oils for shiny and healthy locks. Before using a hot styling tool at the lowest temperature, always use a heat protectant.

Which body wave hair extension is the best?

The installation method depends on the body wave hair extension you choose. Clip-in body wave hair extensions are ideal for most women. It is a temporary hair extension type that is easy to clip in and take out.

However, if you are looking for a semi-permanent body wave hair extension, sew-ins are a great alternative. Sew-in body wave extensions will last up to 7-8 weeks.

What are the signature characteristics of body wave hair?

Nothing says the 70s more than than a headband with long wavy hair

Since body wave hair is a popular middle ground between straight and curly hair, they have qualities that are a mix of straight and curly weave hair. Body wave has a full body, a variety of textures, and a delightful bounce.

The hair is soft and smooth, with minimal frizz, and holds and keeps curls well. Since this hair is thick, it can help women achieve fuller looks by adding texture, waves, and volume.

  • The Signature S Pattern.

Body wave hair has definite turns and takes on an S shape. This is why the hair is unique among the others.

  • Voluminous Appearance

Body wave hair is voluminous, even if the density of the hair is similar to that of straight hair. This beach waves hairstyle is a good choice if you want a lot of volume without a lot of definition. Despite the hair being primarily single-drawn, the body will be voluminous and attractive.

  • It’s Hip and Trendy

Depending on your preferred hair type, this is one of the sorts you might utilize to accomplish a variety of styles. You have the hair to take care of your demands, whether you want to construct a bun, a ponytail, or just let it flow.

  • Seamless Blend

It’s wavy, so it looks best with wavy hair, but it blends nicely with any other hair type. Whether you have straight or curly hair, a center part will be a simple alteration for you.

  • It’s Low-Maintenance

Body wave hair is the easiest style to keep up with. The body wave is a mix of straight and curly. As a result, it is easier to maintain than other styles.


You can’t go wrong with body wave hair extension if you’re searching for an attractive hair extension style with a lot of adaptabilities. Begin by deciding which type of extensions you want, for example, clip-in or sew-in, and then schedule an appointment with a professional who can walk you through your best options for installation, maintenance, and more.

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