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Enterprise 5G with LTE

Enterprise 5G is a dedicated wireless LAN solution deployed to meet the specific needs of any enterprise. This requires extensive planning and allows an enterprise or association or organization to avail of the best possible advantages of 5G such as increased transmission speed (up to 10 times 4G), upsurge in network capacity (up to 10 times more capacity than 4G), deliver higher multi-Gbps peak data speeds, etc. In addition, some of the other reasons that enterprises or businesses adopt 5G networks are ultra-low latency, more reliability, massive network capacity, increased availability, and higher performance. 

Why do enterprises basically prefer to deploy 5G networks? The foremost reason is that network efficiency – businesses prefer using 5G networks for wireless environments, primary networks as a backup, and eliminating office wiring.

The higher speed and low latency of 5G help enterprises or businesses to speed connectivity from IoT sensors on machines to the cloud for more complex real-time analytics, and extract information from the analytics to use for real-time decision-making (which could improve operations on the factory floors). 

Now, let us discuss some of the use cases for enterprise 5G with Smart 5g tester, 5G test equipment, 5g network tester tools and Smart RF drive test tools & equipment, RF tester software app & network LTE 4g tester!

Connected machinery in manufacturing or industry 4.0: With enterprise 5G, manufacturing industries will be able to use connected machinery and cloud-connected robotics that will be beneficial in doing complete automation for manufacturing and other relevant operations swiftly with improved productivity. Even, the manufacturing sector or industry 4.0 are more interested in using a 5G network to speed up the network connectivity, be it IoT sensors on machines or the cloud for more complex real-time analytics.  

Healthcare: When it comes to the use cases for enterprise private 5G networks, the healthcare sector has significant 5G use cases. To improve healthcare, collecting generated data and combining it with AI is important, hence the medical industry with surgical equipment needs to be both connected for security reasons. Whether it’s the need of accessing the specified area during incidents or transferring diagnostic data for the critical patient between ambulances and emergency rooms, enterprises like hospitals choose private 5G due to the necessity of latency, security, and high bandwidth. 

Logistic: For private 5G, logistics is another use case. Whether it is for tracking, sorting, and monitoring packages, and shipments with inventory systems, 5G will be beneficial for these facilities by improving the throughput. In addition, enterprise 5G will be benefited from saving both costs and time as it reduces the involvement of manpower. 

Comprehending pain points, and financial consequences of varied enterprises, 5G service providers are coming up with solutions to suggest implementing 5G and lessen their difficulties. But you should understand what enterprises think about 5G so that you can make them trustworthy business associates. 

Let’s discuss the top 4 benefits of enterprise 5G!

Performance –

These days enterprises adopt Internet of Things (IoT) sensors because they can provide real-time insights for improved efficiency and preventive maintenance and here enterprise 5G can help to support several low-power sensors to achieve the same. There are some benefits performance-wise that 5G provides:

  • Ability to transfer 10 Gbps data which is four times faster than 4G
  • Up to 100 times more capacity than 4G
  • Helps in reducing energy consumption and supporting low-power devices

Flexibility – 

Based on the CBRS spectrum, enterprise 5G operates its frequency, thereby it can allow for interference-free communication. For this reason, many enterprises are preferring to deploy their private 5G networks (allow both Wi-Fi and enterprise 5G to work in tandem) without taking any kind of worry about interfering with existing Wi-Fi networks.

Though 5G operates on multiple bands (as it provides flexibility), it consistently allows its signal to travel both long and short distances, therefore perfect for organizations or enterprises. For example, some businesses can use 5G across the low band to collect updates even from a rural job site and also can use the high band in the office for meeting the requirement of ultra-fast speeds.  

Security – 

Whether it’s device identification, authentication, or managing cell phones, laptops, and sensors, every such activity is managed through the SIM card rather than a network password – this gives more security to enterprise 5G. For example, using private 5G, enterprises can perform even remotely via eSIM, which uses a simple QR code by joining different devices to the network. 

Cost – 

5G chipsets are marginally more costly compared to Wi-FI cards but the fact is that 5G requires less infrastructure to cover the same amount of space that wi-fi provides, which means less hardware, maintenance, and management is required for the same amount of coverage. So, ideally, enterprises will save money over time by having their private 5G. 


Adopting 5G in enterprise sectors is not just a generational improvement in mobile communication technology, but a new way to use the licensed radio spectrum to enable new applications. Enterprise 5G is the latest generation in the series of cellular communication technologies that deliver faster speeds, lower latency, greater capacity for multiple devices and operate in higher radio frequency bands. To maintain such benefits of 5G, enterprises should go for modern networking testing and monitoring solutions such as RantCell. The non-traditional 5G/5G network testing tool such as RantCell is beneficial for using as it’s easy to use (a non-technical person can also conduct a test), mass deployment (perform the test by installing the app on single or more devices), saving you money (logistic and hardware charges would be less as compared to traditional one), and more.


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