Do’s And Don’ts For Cleaning Greasy Wooden Cabinets


The kitchen is the most frequently used section of every home. So, they are vulnerable to catch stiff and stubborn marks and stains. Like the grease and grime stuck in cabinets. And it is so hard to remove it. Moreover, there are a lot of chemicals available around. But make sure to avoid using toxic chemicals. And always prefer non-toxic kitchen cleaners. However, there are super effective natural and homemade cleaners. So, they actually clean grease from cabinets.

Moreover, cabinet design also favors the cleaning process. Like if you prefer using Forevermark cabinets in your kitchen. They are super cleaning friendly and also graceful in outlook. Here are some effective and easy ways to clean the grease out of wooden cabinets.

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  • Do’s For Cleaning
  • Super Effective Orange Oil Cleaner
  • Goo Gone Grease Cleaner
  • Brazilian Carnauba Wax Wood Cleaner
  • DishWasher And Hot Water
  • Don’ts For Cleaning
  • Vinegar
  • Olive Oil And Baking Soda
  • Where To Buy Forevermark Cabinets?
  • Conclusion

Do’s For Cleaning:

Here are some effective methods you need to follow. If your wooden cabinets are full of grease and oil. So, let’s check them out now;

Super Effective Orange Oil Cleaner:

If you buy Gramercy white kitchen cabinets or other wooden cabinets have caught a lot of grim and grease. So, it’s obviously harder to take it off.  But you don’t have to worry. This effective method is to make your cabinets grease-free. Thus, take orange oil cleaner. Spray it on the grimy and greasy cabinets. Let the cleaning solution rest for 10 minutes after the spray. Thus, after 10 minutes wipe off the cleaner with a warm, damp microfiber cloth. Lastly, let them get dry fully and your cabinets will look brand new.

Goo Gone Grease Cleaner:

Goo Gone is a grease cleaner and is readily available commercially. So, before applying goo gone cleaner. Make sure to wear proper gloves to avoid any hazards. Thus, apply the goo gone cleaner over the grease. Let it stay for 1-2minutes. Moreover, heat up a damp microfiber cloth in the microwave for 35 seconds. Now use the warm cloth to wipe off the grease layer. Lastly, clean the whole greasy area. Use any mild wood soap and water. And then dry the cabinets completely. 

Brazilian Carnauba Wax Wood Cleaner:

Carnauba wax is known as the most significant method for cleaning wooden items. Moreover, it is also the vital ingredient of many high-quality wood cleaners and polishers. So, there are many premium quality carnauba wax wood cleaners on the market.

you can use one most effective product known as magic cabinet and wood cleaner. It is more like a spray pump application. Spray the cleaner on the greasy cabinets. And let it settle for a while. Thus, wipe it off with any warm cloth. Moreover, it also retains the shine of your cabinets as well.

DishWasher And Hot Water:

Dishwashing soap is an alkaline in-nature product. So, it effectively removes the grease when mixed in hot water. Thus, mix a few drops of dishwasher liquid with warm water.  Mix it well. Moreover, use a nylon scouring pad to hit the cabinet grease. Make sure to keep the water at a hot temperature. And use a light press on the nylon pad to avoid scratches. Lastly, rinse and dry up the cabinets so well.

Don’ts For Cleaning:

There are some don’ts for wooden cabinet cleaning. So, you must avoid them to protect your cabinets from damage.


Vinegar is no doubt considered the most effective natural disinfectant. Moreover, it is also acidic in nature. So, because of its acidic nature, it is unfit for use on fragile wooden surfaces. Even if vinegar is used undiluted or diluted it can destroy wooden finishing and damage.

Olive Oil And Baking Soda:

This most frequently used DIY hack for cleaning is so cruel on wooden items. So, it is known as a useless method for cleaning the greasy wooden cabinet. Moreover, olive oil is a non-drying oil. And it will remain on wooden cabinets for a significant amount of time. Thus, it will catch and hold an ample amount of dust and dirt. Avoid using such oils and baking soda. As wood experts advise using dry oils. Like orange, walnut, and linseed oil for cleaning wooden items. So, when these oils get dry they form a hard and protective layer on the wood.

Where To Buy Forevermark Cabinets?

If you’re on a hunt to buy premium quality wooden cabinets for your kitchen. Moreover, the cabinets must be trendy, affordable, durable, and of high-quality wooden material. So, there is a one-stop shop for every cabinet purchase. The Columbus Cabinet City sells premium wood cabinets. Grab their best seller Forevermark Cabinets. The name of quality and durability in the budget-friendly zone.

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The kitchen is in use all the time. So, it is at risk of getting stains and scratches. Moreover, the cabinets do hold grease and grim on them. That looks so odd and ugly. Thus, you need to clean them efficiently. To clean them well you must read the dos and don’ts of cleaning the wooden cabinets. Like, use natural materials like carnauba wax, orange oil, and mild dishwasher. 

It cleans the wooden cabinets so efficiently. And some harsh materials like vinegar, olive oil, and baking soda need to be avoided. As they can damage the wooden finish and dim the shine. In addition, prefer installing cabinets of cleaning-friendly and durable wood. Like Forevermark cabinets.


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