DocShipper : Procurement Officer and Sourcing Department


The import/export industry is not that simple. You want to find products for your business, DocShipper will do it for you! Specializing in international logistics, we make it easy for you to import and provide a turnkey service. We will take care of the supply chain from start to finish. All this in order to make your job easier. 

Our Sourcing Network 

How does it work? Here’s a quick explanation of our sourcing service. With the help of our network of certified suppliers, we guarantee a quality service. We have a precise and very efficient network (ISO certified). Having many partners in China, we decided to work with other Asian countries since the Chinese standard of living has improved a lot in the last years and makes the production costs less advantageous for our customers. Therefore, we have developed partnerships with suppliers all over the world! To reassure our customers, we have set up a DocShipper logistics network to track our customers’ orders and thus respect the agreed specifications. How do we help you ? As you know, developing a business with production in Asia is time-consuming and stressful. We know that time is money. That’s why, by delegating this task to our company, you can focus on your core business and improve your business performance.

First Step : Creation of the Specifications 

We will define a specification with pictures of the desired products, or reference links (on online sales platforms). We will then define the quantities of purchase that you wish (MOQ) by reference, and thus be able to indicate a targeted price. 

Supplier Search 

Once the previous step is done, we will propose to you a small list of suppliers to offer you a certain panel of choices in relation to the desired prices, to the minimum number of orders desired by the supplier in order to be sure of your choice. 

Standards Compliance 

Having quality experts on site, we offer a follow-up throughout the production, in order to provide you with a control of conformity of the products in order to avoid any problems at the time of the importation of the products. We check the different standards in force according to the country, whether it is the ISO standards but also the EEC, CE and RoHS standards


To guarantee a better price for our customers, we will even take care of the negotiation with the suppliers, knowing them for a long time, it will be easier for you to obtain good prices by going through DocShipper. As you know, when a new customer enters a market, it is more difficult to offer him reasonable prices, as in many fields it is easier to negotiate with regular customers, where you have a return guarantee. 

Supplier Payment 

Once the price is determined, we wait for your agreement to pay the supplier. Of course, our customer will first pay a deposit which is usually around 30% and then the rest before delivery. We have put this policy in place in order to secure the payments of our customers, who often face online scams these days. 

DocShipper Even Offers Delivery 

After that, you can count on our shipping department to take care of your order. Our customers are therefore delivered by our services, and you avoid another waste of time. Having done all the sourcing beforehand, it is much simpler to use our services to have your order delivered with complete peace of mind.

So don’t hesitate any longer, contact DocShipper for a quality sourcing, without problems, with a personalized follow-up. Time is money and we save you both !


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