Cost Of Living In Ohio Vs California


In times of creeping financial crisis and high inflation, living standards are falling. Many people ask basic questions about this. These are not only general existential considerations, but also specific problems worth tackling. What is the cost of living in Ohio and California? Let’s see. 

In 2022, inflation rate due to this resource fluctuates around a high rate of over 8%. This means that $1000 in your pocket in a few years will become a completely different amount and we will be able to buy less goods or services for it. The specter of an economic collapse, the paralysis of many industries and the accelerating increase in the cost of living are other issues that do not inspire optimism. In such a case, an active participant in economic life may either reduce the cost of living, or try to find a place of residence with more favorable living costs.

The cost of living is another matter that causes sleepless nights for many inhabitants of our country. Some think about creative ways to lower them, others ponder where the lowest cost of living is to decide – perhaps to emigrate. However, it is difficult to clearly define what the actual costs of living in a given state are, after all, every person has their own individual needs. 

The main factors that influence living costs are:

  • rent & utilities;
  • food;
  • transport;
  • other. 

Thus, let’s compare some of the main factors in Ohio and California that influence living costs (for 1 person)

Rent & Utilities 1068 $1593 $
Food521 $571 $
Transport79,3 $103 $
Eating out – lunch menu15,2 $15,9 $
Gym membership, 1 month34,7 $45,8 $
Doctor’s visit100 $114 $
Daycare or preschool, 1 month1018 $1205 $
Primary school, 1 year 14394 $15969 $
Total cost of living1800 $2417 $

From the table, we can conclude that living in California is more expensive than living in Ohio by more than $800. If you are a resident of California and need a small amount of money to pay rent, for example, then you can fill out an online application for a loan in California.

How does this translate into the real cost of living? According to the popular comparison website, in Ohio it amounts to $1,800 for one person, and in California – $2,417. However, different people spend more or less money on renting. In this way we come to the basic problem, i.e. the question of how renting our own four angles disturbs the perspective of calculating the cost of living in our state.

Someone may pursue a highly paid profession, e.g. in the technology industry in California, but pay for renting an apartment in the city center and use much more expensive services. After deducting the costs, it may turn out that this man will be left with a similar amount for expenses that a teacher or official living in Ohio has.

Another issue is the average income. In Ohio, an average salary after taxes is $3,790, while in California it is $4,388. Could the average cost of living be higher? In this case, most Americans would live in permanent indebtedness. According to statistics, about 80% of Americans pay off some form of liability, such as a cash loan or any other loan. If you live in Ohio and need a fast injection of cash, fill out an application form to apply for a payday loan for bad credit in Ohio

How to reduce the cost of living? Ways to save

Once we know more or less how much an average American in Ohio or California earns on average and what his living costs are, it is time to move on to the answer to how to strengthen financially in difficult times. The first idea is very classic – saving money is a good solution when our earnings are not at the highest level and the cost of living exceeds our possibilities month after month. There are many ways to save, ranging from classic deposits, by giving up pleasure, to moving to a cheaper apartment or to another place in the US.

However, we must point out one thing – any form of storing and putting away money somewhere does not make much sense. Money lying in the kitchen jar regularly loses its value due to the water-diluting effect of inflation, which can be seriously blown in times of crisis, with governments looking favorably at reprinting money.

Let’s go back to saving, however, which should take creative forms.

1. Don’t buy new items – cars, electronics and home furnishings get cheaper in the first years of use. See also outlets and second-hand shops.

2. Give up bad habits and live healthy – thanks to such a decision, we will also be healthier, thanks to which we will be able to look for a new form of employment, investment or additional work more actively.

3. Don’t live alone – maintaining a one-person household is much more expensive per person. It is much better to share the costs of rent, bills or food.

4. Learn to cook and invite your friends to home parties – frequent visits to restaurants can destroy your budget.


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