Best Dictionary app for Android and iOS


If you are learning any language the first time or just want to check the meaning and spelling of the words, it’s always beneficial to have a dictionary in your pocket. English is a vast and complex language that contains millions of words, but the mediocre learner only uses a little portion in the phrases and different terms. Apart from learning new words, a dictionary helps you to broaden your vocabulary. Here dictionary app will help you because it is an essential tool for children. Dictionary may be able to be the first source of learning for kids to learn a new language. Here we have some best dictionary app that is helpful for students and teachers.

  • Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus:

This is one of the most adequate and honorable applications. It possesses almost 1.4 million words with an abundance of unique features. This application consists of hyponyms, antonyms, synonyms, hypernyms, and meronym. This application facilitates you even when you are offline and translate the word when you copy it from another source. This is a very easy-to-use and simple dictionary app that translates the exact meaning of the word and also suggests you appropriate word for the sentence.

  • Oxford Dictionary:

This is one of the leading English language dictionary apps.  This is the most compendious coverage of language from all over the world. Oxford dictionary revised and update the latest vocabulary words, phrases, meaning with other 350,000 words. This application translates immediately with definition when you are just looking for exact meaning.

  • Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

This is one of the most efficient, sufficient, and powerful applications. Merriam Webster Dictionary app introduced voice search and audio pronunciation. It also facilitates the learner by providing the service of thesaurus having antonyms and synonyms. This is a multifaceted dictionary app contains all the required features with a huge range for self-education purpose. This service is brought to you by the most famous and hugely respected dictionary, Merriam-Webster.

This dictionary app will never let you feel down whether you are a beginner or a copywriter with English as a second language. This is the most tremendously handy tool for education.

  • does not need an internet connection as it can work offline. This dictionary app has a gigantic database that can accommodate more than 2,000,000 words with definitions, antonyms, and synonyms and has all the required tools that help to broaden the English language. This application is convenient for adults and elementary students. The Dictionary app can translate the word in 30 languages with translation and provide detailed origin information. This application introduced the feature “word of the day” and also “quiz word day”, you can include new words in vocabulary on daily basis and keep your mind high. There is a huge collection of idioms, phrases, and slang.

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