7 Tips For Advertising Your Brands On Social Media


With revenues exceeding $100 billion for the first time last year, online advertising has already passed for good all other forms of marketing, and that is only in the United States.

Brands are investing heavily in digital strategies due to the widespread usage of social media. Not only does it provide them more control over their marketing, but it also allows them to target certain audiences. In fact, social media promotions are used by 77% of all digital marketers who employ sponsored approaches as a component of their content marketing plan.

Having this in mind, there are a rising number of adverts and sponsored material in the online world. In that regard, if someone wants to grow their brand in the social media world, particularly on Instagram or Facebook, they turn to solutions such as paid ads or they even get tempted to buy Instagram followers. However, while buying fake followers can lead to blocking or even deleting your business account, you should always start small and invest your time in the organic growth of your profile.

Brands must therefore put in extra effort if they want to stand out from the competition. Here are a few things you can do to improve your brand advertising conversion rates.

Find Your Brand’s Voice

Being authentic on social media is one of the quickest and simplest methods to make your company stand out. Although developing your brand voice can be a challenging task, doing so can make you stand out from the crowd and draw the proper kind of followers to your social media channels.

Theming Your Account

Customizing and theming your Instagram and other social media profiles is a great method to increase your presence. “Theming” as a practice basically refers to employing a certain color scheme, aesthetic, or other design elements to provide a particular look and feel. Themed accounts are visually appealing, create an atmosphere for your followers, and convey the experience of your company or the current mood. Additionally, themes may shift and fluctuate.

Use Powerful Images Only

Utilizing powerful images is a good, easy method to help your business stand out on social media. Keep your photos and videos as crisp and as high-quality as you can. Gaining and keeping followers may depend on your ability to carry your branding and represent the sense of your business through imagery.

Always be inventive and look for new ways to use photographs; on Instagram, for instance, try puzzle feeds and grid images.

Write A Story Or Engaging Captions

To create your brand story, let’s combine the aspects we just discussed: powerful graphics, a theme, and your brand voice. And using captions to give your photos additional context helps you tell your brand story.

Make an effort to keep your captions interesting while providing your audience with value. Remember that the goal is to establish a connection with your audience, so consider starting discussions rather than speaking DIRECTLY to them.

Mix Up The Content And Use Network Tools

Utilizing network tools to give your presence a little additional oomph on social media is another method to make your company stand out. Use a variety of publishing methods and content types; in other words, get used to combining photos, videos, and plain text postings in your content calendar.

Explore the features available on each network, including Twitter polls, Twitter lists, multiple picture postings, Live videos, Instagram Stories, and any other tools that may be available for that particular social media platform as you get to know how each one works.

Make Recurring Posts

Making a recurrent post or event is a tried-and-true method of making your brand or company stand out on social media. Perhaps you could have a weekly Q&A Livestream on the social media platform of your choice, offer a weekly tip, or make a slideshow of the top moments from the previous week. The secret is to come up with something that draws customers in week after week.

One of the finest ways to be creative, engage your audience, add value, and even display a little personality is by using this technique.

Put A Plan In Place

aving a strategy in place is the final and most crucial technique to make your company stand out with the right social media content plan.

Nevertheless, having a plan, will give you guidance for your material and free up time for creativity. If you have a team, having a plan will guarantee that everyone is on the same page and that nothing is getting missed. You’ll have time to flesh out original and efficient strategies for spreading the word and develop fantastic material to promote your projects, and you’ll be well prepared for what’s to come.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a newbie in the social media industry or you already have some experience advertising your brand online, these are a few of the most effective ways to get your message across in a way that will grow your audience. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, but there is an array of techniques you can use to inspire and inform your social media marketing campaigns.


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