7 Positive Effects Of Embedding Facebook Posts On Website


There are many benefits available of embedding Facebook posts on websites. You can engage your website visitors better than any other method.

Facebook is 17 years old, and it still stands strong, giving tough competition to its competitors like Instagram and Twitter. Its engagement rate is still high. That’s why even if we have options like the vibrant content of Instagram and the witty content of Twitter, we still choose to dwell upon Facebook and its dynamic content.

Marketers are well aware of this fact, and that’s why they have come up with this new possibility for website owners to leverage the Facebook post on the website. The results are amazing.

Here are seven positive effects of embedding Facebook posts on websites that will blow your mind!

7 Positive Effects Of Embedding Facebook Posts On Website

1.   Boost Engagement Rate

When you embed  Facebook posts on website, you offer your website something unique. It encourages them to stop by and explore your Facebook feed. It will improve the engagement rate of your website and increase your website dwell time.

The Facebook feed updates in real-time, so each time there is a new post on Facebook, it will automatically appear on your website. It means that you will be offering something new to your website visitors each time they visit. Not just that, the Facebook feed adds a unique touch to your website, helping you stand out among your competitors.

2.   Instill Social Proof

Many brands organize hashtag campaigns on Facebook to create more brand awareness. You can do the same. But to add to that, you can add the content generated from the hashtag campaign to your website. When your website visitors come across the Facebook hashtag campaign feed, it will instill social proof in them, and they would also feel encouraged to participate.

It is a great strategy to magnify your hashtag campaign and improve your social media presence not only through Facebook but through your website too.

3.   Cost-effective Content Marketing

When you add your Facebook feed to your website, it calls for cost-effective content marketing as you get to introduce your Facebook presence to your website visitors. It generates interest in them to explore more, so they visit your Facebook handle to explore more.

If they like your content, they would follow you and share it with their friends and followers. It will help you to improve your Facebook presence and create better brand awareness. Doesn’t this sound like the ultimate cost-effective content marketing strategy?

4.   Build Trust With UGC

User-generated content is considered the ultimate and proven strategy in any and every marketing scenario. Why not leverage it to your website and see what it has to offer? User-generated content is raw and authentic, which means that when you add it to your website, it brings transparency with it.

In this world full of flashy advertising and air-brushed pictures, offer your audience something refreshing and unique. Something that they would relate to more, evoke their emotions and build trust. UGC will ensure that your prospects choose you over your competitors.

5.   Enhance Customer Loyalty

When you collect the content created by your customers on Facebook and add it to your website, either as testimonials or just to appreciate the time they took out to create content for you, it impresses them. They feel impressed by how much importance you give to your customers that you have a dedicated space on your website for the content created by them.

It enhances customer loyalty, and your customers become your brand advocates. They will always recommend you to their friends and followers and would always choose you over your competitors.

6.   Drive Conversions

Many Facebook embedding tools come with shoppable tags. These shoppable tags enable your customers with easy buying options using product tags. If you are an ecommerce store, then this is the perfect opportunity for you.

When your customers come across these shoppable posts, it will increase the opportunity of sales when they will realise how easy and quicker this method is. Now they can shop along with engaging with the content, giving them the perfect social shopping experience.

7.   Facebook Posts On Website Improve Vibrancy

Collect all the vibrant Facebook content and add it to your website as a Facebook feed. When you do so, you offer something different other than the basic website content to your website visitors.

When your website visitors come across the Facebook feed, it captivates them. They stay longer on your website, which decreases your website’s bounce rate to a great extent.

Let’s Call It A Wrap!

We finally reached the end of this blog. These were seven positive effects of embedding Facebook posts on websites. There are many more benefits that you will get to know once you add your Facebook posts on websites and start receiving them.

So, start by choosing a tool that would help you embed the Facebook feed on your website and get started with the journey of endless engagements.


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