6 Creative marketing Ideas To Grab Your Audience Attention in 2022


The main goal of every business is to be successful and to do that, you need your audience’s support. That is the most challenging thing of all! You can have the best business, the best services, and yet unable to grab the attention of the audience. The reason? Bad marketing strategies or using stale marketing strategies that do not work for you at all. Look no further than the Google Analytics multi funnel marketing to gain a better understanding of how your marketing channels influence conversions.

Every few years, the market changes, and you have to make better strategies to attract your audience. From traditional to digital marketing, everything is changing. Now, with COVID-19, the changes are even more!

Thus, marketers have to get creative to appeal to their audience. If you wonder what that looks like, here are some ideas for you.

Host a webinar

Hosting webinars is one of the best to market your business in this scenario. With the increase in remote working, webinars are becoming immensely popular. They can connect you with tons of people, and you get an opportunity to meet new clients and prospects. When having a webinar, having a digital business card is essential. You can share it with the people in the webinar so that they can connect with you later and discuss business deals.

Work on optimizing and updating your website regularly

Your website is not a brochure, and once you print it, you will not update it at all. The website is an essential marketing tool helping people know more about your business and contact you. Thus, they do not want to see a website that is old and not easy to navigate.

Thus, you need to update your website frequently or at least once a year. Look at any flaws or dead pages which do not yield any results. Let those pages go and work on creating SEO-driven content which attracts people to your site.

Start a podcast

Podcasts are becoming quite popular these days. It is one marketing technique that can promote your business, appeal to your audience, and encourage them to make sales. On the podcast, you can interview people who saw changes in their life due to your product. It can help you create personalized content for your audience. 

Also, it is a cheap marketing idea and affordable for even small businesses. Do try it, and we are sure you will reap multiple benefits from starting a podcast.

Have a digital business card

We talked about having a digital business card to share details in a webinar. Let’s explore this point better now. Having a business card is an old-age marketing technique. It has all the information you need to share with potential clients and customers. However, you need to get creative with this marketing tool to grab your audience’s attention. A simple solution is to have a smart business card. It makes for easy sharing as you can do it with a simple text or mail. It is also cheap, so even small businesses can take advantage of this idea.

Do personalize messages

The messages you send to your customers through email or text marketing strategies need to be personalized. Why? It is because the customers do not care about your brand! Yes, it is true! The customer cares about how your business can solve their problems. Thus, you have to research and determine what particular issues a customer is facing. Then you need to determine the correct message, personalize it, which encourages the audience to take action immediately.

Have a PDF for problem-solving

If you offer a product that is a bit complicated, you need to make a PDF and offer them to it to download it for free. It should have detail regarding the business and a free step-by-step guide to install the product and more.

A blog is not as descriptive as a PDF can be. Thus, do make one and offer it to your clients.

These creative ideas require hard work and effort. Also, not every one of them will work for every business. So, do not lose heart because if one strategy does not yield any results, the next one will surely do. Keep trying and brainstorm creative ideas. Also, keep an eye on trends to make the best of them for your business.


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