5 Times You May Need an Eminent Domain Attorney in Georgia

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When the government wants to take your Georgia property under eminent domain, it’s important to know that you have rights. By having a qualified eminent domain attorney in Georgia on your side, they can fight on your behalf and help you win your case. 

Eminent domain, or condemnation, refers to a federal, state, or local government entity’s right to take or force private property sale for public use. Examples may include highways, railroads, schools, hospitals, and in some cases, private entities. While fighting an eminent domain case is difficult, the right attorney can help you keep your property or receive a more just settlement. 

Here are five times that call for an eminent domain attorney:

1. You Do Not Want to Settle

Regardless of why a local or federal entity wants to seize your private property, you’ll need an eminent domain attorney if you do not want to give up your Georgia property under any circumstances. 

2. You Need a Larger Settlement

In many eminent domain cases, a person’s Georgia property is often undervalued. An eminent domain attorney can help you assess how much your property is worth and help you obtain a better settlement and pay for relocation fees. 

3. Your Property is Being Seized for Private Purposes

It’s not uncommon for private companies like oil or telephone companies to seize private property under eminent domain. If there’s reason to believe that your property is being seized for private purposes, having an attorney on your side will be instrumental in proving your case. They can help argue that taking your property won’t be serving any public use. 

4. Taking Your Entire Property Isn’t Necessary

Only a portion of your property may need to be taken. For example, when installing power lines, there’s most likely no reason why your entire property should fall under eminent domain. An experienced attorney can help argue this fact. 

5. Navigating a Complex Process

Eminent domain can be a complex and complicated process, and you can assume that the government entity you’re dealing with has eminent domain attorneys. Whether you want to settle or fight the case altogether, you’ll want an attorney capable of helping you navigate this complex procedure. 
These are five situations that call for an experienced eminent domain attorney. They can ensure that you receive the legal advice and help that you deserve. Find the best eminent domain attorneys that Georgia has to offer today!


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