5 Reasons why you should Opt Godrej Ac

godrej ac

With more than 20 brands available in the market, buying a suitable AC is very challenging. The AC should meet all the consumer requirements and also stay within the budget limitations put forth by the user. The AC price in India has started to become affordable for ordinary people, giving them significant benefits in the summers. Godrej is one of the popular Indian brands that offer window and split ACs with some of the best features available in the market. The Godrej AC price starts from a minimum of 25,000 to over 60,000, giving the customers a wide range of choices and models to choose from. Godrej ACs have the best energy-efficient features supported by various modern technologies installed in the machine to enhance cooling, performance, and product life.

The five reasons for opting for Godrej AC are below:

Hurricane mode and Arctic Cool Technology:

Imagine a scenario where you reach home from a tiring workday with sweat all over your body, and you expect a more relaxed environment in your room. That is the time when your old AC would take some time to give you a cooling experience, leaving you agitated and exhausted. Thanks to the Arctic Cool Technology, the Inverter Godrej ACs can cool a room to 16° C in few minutes. The fixed speed non- inverter Godrej ACs has a feature called the hurricane mode that can throw in wider air in a large outdoor unit, resulting in better cooling conditions. These ACs have 38% better air throw than the ordinary ACs, making them the best choice for people who need instant cooling in the summer.

4-Way Air Technology and iSense Technology:

In general, ACs come with 2-way (up and down) fan swing blades to circulate the cool air inside the room. However, the latest Godrej ACs have a 4-way (up-down + right-left) air technology that can blow the air in multiple directions inside the room to ensure faster and better cooling. This enables a person to get the uniform cooling in any part of the room without any disturbances. The premium Godrej ACs come with an iSense technology that gives a smart localized cooling based on the user’s precise location inside the room. The AC determines the user’s location with the help of the two sensors in the remote and the AC unit. The AC will customize the temperature depending on the information received from the sensors, delivering the user better cooling even at the farthest distance from the unit.

Auto Clean Technology:

The high-end Godrej AC price models have advanced filter and protection systems to protect the unit from various possibly harmful items like hair, fumes, bacteria, and dust mites. The Catechin filters will effectively free the ugly odor of the indoor air due to microscopic bacteria and prevent you from further problems of respiratory and cold. Another filter called the Silver Ion will release silver ions into the indoor air to sterilize bacteria effectively. Many ACs need regular maintenance and proper cleaning to deliver the best cooling effect, but Godrej ACs have the auto clean Technology for doing that. This feature makes the fan run for a few seconds after the AC is switched off to blow the dust and other particles out of the unit.

Green Balance Technology:

The AC’s refrigerant used in houses has become a significant contributor to global warming, making it a concern for the companies to reduce the gas emissions in the unit. The Godrej ACs have a green balance technology that enables the machine to use a zero ozone depletion potential refrigerant called R290. This refrigerant has the lowest global warming potential, which ultimately saves the environment from further degradation.

Inverter Technology:

The AC price in India for any Godrej AC will start from a bare minimum of Rs. 20,000. A Godrej AC highlighting factor is that most units come with the inverter compressor technology that stabilizes the compressor’s flow and enhances the cooling element. It has a higher operating range giving a superior hand among other competitors and making the obvious choice for many people with limited budgets.


Godrej is a reputed Indian AC brand offering several features and newer technology in their latest models. The primary objective of a Godrej AC is to run the AC in an energy-efficient way and provide faster and uniform cooling to the entire room. Therefore, people can gladly select the correct AC suitable to their needs and budget.        

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