3 Things That Guests Will Actually Remember About Your Wedding


There are a million and one details to manage when you are planning a wedding. People often get caught up in the fine details like table settings and wedding favors, but does any of that stuff really matter? The truth is, most people won’t remember those small details in years to come, but there are certain things that stick in people’s minds and make the day really special. When you’re planning your wedding and trying to make it as amazing as possible, it’s those memorable areas that you need to focus on, and you can relax about the rest of the small bits. So, what do guests actually remember about your wedding?

The Venue

Naturally, the venue is the most important part of the wedding. A bad venue can’t be saved with good decorations, so if you cut corners and make the wrong decision, it can leave people with a poor memory of the whole day. So, your first priority should always be to find a luxury event space like The Riverhouse wedding reception venues, for example. In a professional, high-end wedding venue, there is an attention to detail that you don’t get elsewhere, and this makes all the difference. Once you find the perfect venue, everything else falls into place from there and people will always remember your wedding in an idyllic location.

The Schedule

This is something that often gets overlooked, but the way that the day is scheduled has a huge impact on the overall experience that guests have. If there is a lot of waiting around between the ceremony and the reception, people will start to get bored and the day can feel like it’s dragging a bit. This is especially true when you are doing all of the photos after the ceremony. So, make sure that you have some canapes going around and maybe even put on a bit of entertainment. This will make the whole day more enjoyable and people will remember it as being a very fun wedding.

The Personal Details

When you’ve been to a lot of weddings, they all start to merge into one because the details tend to be very similar. The ceremony follows the same format, as does the rest of the day. The meal is often a roast chicken dinner with cheesecake for dessert. Trying to pick out the things that make weddings unique can be tough. That’s why people always remember the personal details. It’s the things that are personal to you as a couple that really make the day special.

Simple things like the table names, for example, are a great opportunity to put your own stamp on the day. You could choose your favorite bands or countries that you have visited together. Think outside the box and come up with something creative. Try to make the wedding favors personal too, or they will just get left behind at the end of the night.

Everybody assumes that it is things like the dress or the food that sticks in the minds of their guests on their big day, but the truth is, most people tend to forget that stuff. A good venue, great organization, and some nice personal touches are the things that really make the day special.


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