3 Reasons Why Nasher Miles 3 Piece Luggage Sets Are All the Rage

3 Piece Luggage Sets

A 3-piece luggage set is a frequent sight at the airport check-in service counters. Gone are the times when travellers used to carry monotone shades of blue, black, and brown suitcases. Today’s globetrotters give equal weightage to their luggage’s colour and design as much as its durability and strength. While searching prices and brands of luggage bags in India, we came across one of India’s top 3-piece and 2-piece luggage set manufacturers – Nasher Miles. 

To say the least, we couldn’t get enough of their vivid and vast collection. After all, thousands of modern travellers who adore Nasher Miles’ products can’t be wrong. Every piece of the brand’s suitcase set of 3 is a masterpiece, designed to meet the different needs of different travellers. Here are three reasons that make Nasher Miles’ 3-piece luggage and trolley bag sets all the rage with travellers of all ages.

1. Features Galore

Nasher Miles luggage sets are loaded with numerous hi-points – the top being the durability of their luggage and trolley bags. The brand has also aced several other quintessential features like lightweight material, anti-theft zippers, maneuverability, matching accessories, etc.

2. Extensive Collection

From Paris to Jaisalmer, to Auroville, and several others, Nasher Miles stands out for its wide-ranging collection of stylish luggage sets. Each collection follows a distinct design pattern and color palette, and there are quite a few assortments to explore and find one that matches your personal style.

3. Price & Payment Options

Nasher Miles is a digital-first brand that doesn’t have any middlemen. The price range is on the lower end of the regular price of 3-piece and 2-piece luggage sets available in the market. What makes Nasher Miles particularly enticing to travellers is their no-interest EMI option.

Whether you’re going with your friends or family for a cross-country trip or travelling solo on a cruise, Nasher Miles luggage sets can definitely keep up with your wanderlust.


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